Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan rock salt lamps are very beneficial for your health and the surrounding environment where you spend most of your time.
Himalayan rock salt lamps are made of Himalayan Salt crystals. With the help of small voltage electric device (a heat producing device) inside the lamp manages to warm the lamp up.
This warm salt lamp emits negative ions in the environment and neutralise positive ones. These negative ions are believed to produce beneficial biochemical reactions in our bloodstream that increase levels of serotonin. But there are certain facts that we need to know before buying them. Some of these facts are given below:- Himalayan rock salt lamps is made of natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan mountains.

  • 1. Once lit the lamp emits warm, natural and inviting amber colour.
  • 2. They are a natural source of fresh and clean air.
  • 3. They are not only beautiful but also inexpensive.
  • 4. The serene light balances your physical, emotional and spiritual energy.
  • 5. They reduce stress and depression.

This salt lamp is not only a beautiful interior decorative item but also lighten up the surrounding environment, gives you multiple health benefits, helps in energising your mood and makes your concentration level better.

To clean HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT LAMPS you can use dry or a little damp cloth. First, you have to switch off the light then wipe it with the cloth. In humid environment conditions, you see a sweating effect in your salt lamps as your lamps were still absorbing water from the surroundings. In that case, we recommend you to leave it in the sunlight for 4-5 hours and then brush off excessive crystals. Due to excessive humidity if the salt lamp gets wet you can place a saucer underneath your lamp and you can leave it running so the excessive water gets absorbed. Believe me, The dampness of salt lamps during rainy season shows its originality. A fake piece will never shows you the sweating effect.