Solid Amber Resin

Dec. 15, 2019


Amber is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since ancient times. The most popular amber resin come in widely present in warm colors like orange, red and sometimes yellow.
Initially, In many folk traditions it was commonly used as a medicine due to its health benefits but slowly and gradually it is started to be used as gemstones also. Nowadays, Amber is used in making a variety of decorative objects, Jewelry, incense, medicine etc.
It is also believed that amber has been used as an agent for energy healing purpose in many spiritual practices like wiccan, shamanism, paganism etc. It has some other benefits like stress alleviation, blood flow stimulation, anti-bacterial, strengthening of immune system, prevention of degeneration diseases.
Amber Resin is an organic gemstones and is also known as the “stone of the sun”.


Amber resin can be used as incense when used in an oil warmer or a solid perfume. While using as incense it is suppose to be burned over charcoal tablets. Typically, Amber is a combination of plant secretions with the addition of honey, myrrh, vanilla, gum frankincense other aromatic compounds in a base of Beeswax.
There are several advantages to resin incense over other forms, Resins are natural incenses that do not contain any additives, and are still as effective now as they were when used by the ancient Egyptians. Resin incense is that you can easily be customized only by mixing two or more resins you can have a new experience of fragrance and its relaxing effect.


Since, Resin will not remain lit and burn on its own; first you will need charcoal discs to provide heat so that it can release the scent. If burned correctly over a bamboo charcoal, resin can burn and produce scent for a very long time. You will also need a bowl or urn capable of withstanding the heat of burning charcoal. Specialized brass urns, or censers, work well, while also adding a nice decorative touch to any décor.
To burn your resin, you need to keep the charcoal in your urn on top of a bed of sand or ash to absorb the heat. Apply a match or lighter for 10-20 seconds until the charcoal self-ignites (you may have to hold the disc in the air in your tongs to facilitate the lighting process). It takes two or three minutes for charcoal to warm up and turning gray around the edges. Next, add resin incense on top of the charcoal. As soon as resin begins to burn, it releases its essential oils for you to enjoy. Don't be afraid to experiment with mixtures.

How To Burn Resin Incense

1. One of the easiest ways of lighting the charcoal disk is using a candle and tongs. ...
2. Hold the disk's bottom over the flame until it starts to crackle, then do the same to the top. ...
3. The resin and dust melt and then burn, creating a smoke that is amazingly light and intoxicating.


When you burn incense, its aroma aids in opening up the nasal passages, a great remedy for flu, allowing you to feel relaxed and happy by naturally reducing your blood pressure Amber is believed to be used for Healing, protection, antiseptic, immortality restorative since ancient times.
Amber resin is an strong compound its original structure can remain intact for centuries without any disturbances to its composition. when it’s rubbed against certain fabrics that it creates a spark of electricity. For this very reason, the word for amber in Greek is “Elektron.” Amber is a charged, active and kinetic, meaning it can directly affect our energetic.